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EUCARIS applications

EUCARIS services core (version 7)

EUCARIS web client

Health Centre

Data exchanges

AVI – Actual Vehicle Information

CBE – Cross-Border Enforcement

DLInfo – Driving Licence Information

eCall – Emergency Call

ERRU – European Register of Road Transport Undertakings

IVI Initial Vehicle Information / COC – Certificate of Conformity

Mileage – Mileage registration and exchange

Non-sensitive Data – Exchange of vehicle info without tailor-made legal basis

ProDriveNet – Professional Drivers Network

PRUM – Prum convention- Vehicle Owner/Holder

PTI – Periodical technical inspection data exchange

RESPER – RESeau PERmis de conduire

RESPER 2.0 – RESeau PERmis de conduire 2.0

RSI – Road Side Inspection data exchange

Salzburg – Salzburg Forum Agreement regarding follow up on Cross-Border Enforcement

TACHO – Tachograph data exchange

TOLL (EETS) – European Electonic Toll Service

VAT – Information exchange to fight VAT fraud

VHInfo – Vehicle information

VHOH – General Vehicle Owner/Holder (including VHOH Parking)

Technical good to knows

EUCARIS Error  messages

EUCARIS Database management

Background processing in EUCARIS

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Information about vehicle signals

Policy on XSD files

Operational good to knows

Availability status of Member States

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How to prepare statistics?

Overview MessageVersions supported

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Invalid Algorithm error on certificate signing

Oracle issues after Core update SU-U40-3 (or higher)

Standalone installation and configuration

EUCARIS version 7

The architecture for the EUCARIS services Prüm, CBE etc.

EUCARIS Datamodel description

Description of EUCARIS logging

Log viewer manual

Management manual

EUCARIS country code convention

Synchronous message exchange: Versioning

Asynchronous message exchange: Push or pull

Asynchronous message exchange: Versioning

How EUCARIS checks the uniqueness of MessageId

EUCARIS Message Service

The architecture for Toll, ProDriveNet and future services

EUCARIS Datamodel description

About the EUCARIS envelope

About EUCARIS message handling (MessageService)

About retrieving messages from EUCARIS (MessageRetrievalService)

Endpoint configuration

Information on exchange of personal data

In the EReg Code of Conduct, Annex X, each Member State classifies data exchanged via EUCARIS, as either personal or non-personal. The forms listing the EUCARIS data items per service, can be found via this webpage.

Empty sheets (in Microsoft Word format), for Member States are available for download (account required): here.