EUCARIS, the EUropean CAR and driving licence Information System, is a system that connects countries so they can share vehicle and driving licence information and other transport related data. EUCARIS is not a database nor a central repository but an exchange mechanism that connects the Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authorities in Europe.  EUCARIS is developed by and for governmental authorities and supports a.o. the fight against car theft and registration fraud.

The EUCARIS website

In addition to the general EUCARIS information, each country has its own page on this web site. You can visit these pages by clicking on the countries link at the top of this page. On the country pages, if provided by the respective Member State, you will find data about contact persons and the organizations that handle the vehicle and driving license registration. If provided, you will also find information on recent developments, on the EUCARIS connected services and other information like f.i. links to surf to relevant national web sites.

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  • Future of EReg and EUCARIS: the first steps to combining activities October 24th, 2022 - On the 1st of September the 2nd meeting of the Resonance Group on the Future of EReg/EUCARIS took place. This Resonance Group has been installed following the agreements of the EUCARIS General Assembly of September 2021 and the EReg General Meeting of May 2022. The online meeting was attended by 17 members and was chaired […]
  • EUCARIS General Assembly 2022 in Tallinn October 17th, 2022 - On 29 and 30 September 2022 EUCARIS members came together in Tallinn for the EUCARIS General Assembly. More than 70 colleagues of 31 countries met each other in real life after two years of digital meetings. The two-days conference looked back to the EUCARIS operation in 2021/2022 and looked ahead to 2023 and beyond. Discharge […]

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