The central registration authorities of the participating countries have set up and are maintaining EUCARIS as a common system for the exchange of vehicle, driving licence and other transport related data. The organisation of EUCARIS is based on the EUCARIS Treaty and its underlying Rules of Procedure.

EUCARIS General Assembly

Within the EUCARIS organisation the General Assembly is the highest authority. The General Assembly reassembles high representatives of national vehicle and driving licence registration authorities like ministries and government agencies. The General Assembly determines the policy to be pursued, endorses the annual accounts, the budget and annual contributions and makes arrangements for system management.

EUCARIS Secretariat and EUCARIS Operations

The General Assembly appoints the EUCARIS Secretariat and the responsible party for the execution of the operational system management, which are chosen from among the Member States. At the moment the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) is responsible for both the EUCARIS Secretariat and EUCARIS Operations.

EUCARIS Chairman

In 2020 Mr Servi Beckers from the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) has been selected as EUCARIS Chairman for a period of three years. Among other tasks the chairman is managing the business of EUCARIS, giving directions to the EUCARIS Secretariat and EUCARIS Operations, chairing the General Assembly Meetings and representing and promoting EUCARIS.

Working Groups

EUCARIS Operations is supported by a Technical Working Group. This group consists of representatives of the user groups. Among other tasks they support EUCARIS Operations with the determination of requirements and functional specifications. The General Assembly can set up further Working Groups to handle administrative, financial, technical or judicial issues.

Cooperation with Council Working Parties and Committees

In close cooperation with the EU Council Working Party on Information Exchange and Information Management (IXIM) the General Assembly decides about the so-called Prüm application based on the EU Council Decisions 2008/615/JHA and 2008/616/JHA

Further information

Should you have any questions about the EUCARIS organisation, please contact the EUCARIS Secretariat.