Due to BREXIT measurements, the UK no longer participates to the VDL, ERRU, RESPER, CBE and VAT services as of the 1st of January 2021.

Situation UK:
Only for the exchange of tachograph card information based on Council Regulation (EEC) no 3821/85 in combination with the respective AETR Agreement, the TACHOnet connection via TESTA will stay available.
All the other EUCARIS/EU-hub services will be disconnected as from the 1st of January.
– VHInfo, DLInfo, AVI (based on the EUCARIS Treaty);
– RESPER (3rd Driving Licence Directive 20016/126/EC);
– ERRU (Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009, 1072/2009, 1073/2009);
– ERRU/RSI-part (Directive 2014/47/EU) ;
– CBE (Directive (EU) 2015/413);
– VAT (Directive 2010/24 EU and 2011/16/EU, Council Regulation (EU) No 904/2010);

The settings are included in a new version of the configuration file (see also mail attached)

When it comes to the Prüm Council Decisions, the EU-UK Trade Agreement offers a legal base for the exchange of DNA, Fingerprints and Vehicle Data via TESTA. The respective services for the exchange of vehicle data however are not implemented yet by the UK.
When it comes to the services based on the EUCARIS Treaty (VHInfo, DLInfo/AVI), the EUCARIS Operations Team and DVLA are currently looking into the options for a connection via internet.

Situation Gibraltar:
Via internet, via the EUCARIS Operations (EUCOP) Server of the EUCARIS Operations Team, Gibraltar is currently able to request technical vehicle data (VHInfo/AVI) and driving licence data (DLInfo) from the following countries:
– Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France (only technical vehicle information), Finland (only technical vehicle information) Germany, Hungary (only technical vehicle information), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden (only technical vehicle information) and the United Kingdom.

We have decided to include in the configuration file the situation that Gibraltar is de-authorised for the VHInfo/AVI- and DLInfo service for the abovementioned countries.
On a national level, the respective countries can then decide for themselves to authorise Gibraltar again after the configuration file has been implemented on a national level.
In case your country decides to authorise Gibraltar again please then also inform EUCARIS Operations via EUCARIS2help@rdw.nl so a new version of the configuration file can be adapted accordingly.

Release configuration file:
An announcement mail concerning a new version of the configuration file already has been distributed by the EUCARIS Operations Team to the respective IT contact persons in your organizations with the request to assure installation as from the 1st of January (mail attached).
The configuration file first of all is useful to make sure that the respective UK services are not called by mistake when UK is not connected anymore to TESTA. Depending on the error handling of TESTA it could be that the application on your side is waiting for an answer from UK until a time out has been reached. This takes a lot of time and can be prevented upfront by not asking a question to UK. This all will be arranged by installing a new configuration file.
Secondly the configuration file prevents that a service in UK is called by mistake when it is still connected but there is no legal base anymore for the exchange; or vice versa, it is prevented that information is given to UK or Gibraltar while there is no legal base for the exchange.