This page contains all information available regarding the VHOH extension of EUCARIS. This page will be updated regularly.


The latest VHOH specs-pack dates from the 22nd of May 2013. You can download this from our site using the following link:

VHOH Documentation **


VHOH is a functional addition to EUCARIS (extension) which is deployed using System Updates. More information about the most recent version of the VHOH extension is available on this page:

VHOH Extension

Custom development

Technical details regarding custom development for VHOH can be found on the following page:

VHOH Custom development

Acceptance tests

The VHOH services are available for testing purposes on the NL acceptance environment. Please inform EUCARIS Operations when you want to start testing VHOH services.

Details regarding the test data and acceptance procedure can be found on the following page:

VHOH Acceptance testing


** Valid credentials are required to access the files on this site. Credentials can be requested via EUCARIS Operations