AGENDA – EUCARIS General Assembly in Tallinn

          Thursday 29 September

           08:30 a.m. Registration and Coffee
  1. 09:00 a.m. Welcome and opening
    i. Welcome and official opening of the conference
    by Mr Joel Jesse, Director Transport Administration Mobility Management Division, Republic of Estonia
    ii. Opening of the meeting and announcements
    by Mr Servi Beckers, Chairman EUCARIS
  2. Approval of the agenda of the meeting (decision)
  3. Approval report Digital General Assembly September 2021 (decision)
  4. Progress on the action points General Assembly 2021
    i. Changes in the EUCARIS Rules of Procedure (decision)
  5. Tour de table
    Participants’ surveys of progress based on the input of the Annex 5
  6. Progress report and discharge 2021
    i. Progress(information)
    ii. Discharge Operations 2021 (decision)
    The General Assembly will be asked to discharge the EUCARIS Nominated Party for
    Operations (RDW/The Netherlands) for its tasks over the year 2021.
    iii. Accounts 2021 and Discharge Secretariat(decision)
    The General Assembly will be asked to discharge the EUCARIS Secretariat (RDW/The
    Netherlands) for the financial year 2021 based on the Annex 6.ii.a-b.
  7. Progress and Operational Report 2022
    i. Operations and statistics(information)
    ii. Progress 2022 (information)
    iii. Technical Working Group based on Art. 22.8 RoP (information)
    iv. Forecast budget 2022 (information)

    12:30 Lunch
  8. EReg and EUCARIS Future
    i. Update Joint Working Group and Resonance Group (information)
    ii. Changes in the EUCARIS Rules of Procedure (decision)
  9. Appointment of the EUCARIS Secretariat (decision)
  10. Recent developments in international information exchange
    i. Information on ERRU
    by Mr Romain Durand, Policy Officer MOVE.DDG2.C.1 –Road Transport, European Commission (attendance digitally)
    ii. Information on the Single Digital Gateway
    iii. Information on Non-Sensitive Vehicle Data
    iv. Information on CoC and Type Approval data
    v. Information on PCC SEE
    by Mr Karl Lesjak, Head of PCC SEE Secretariat
    vi. EU Candidate Countries (decision)
  11. EUCARIS releaseand budget 2023
    i. Communication (information)
    ii. Activities 2023
    i. Support
    ii. Maintenance
    iii. Architecture
    iv. New developments
    v. EUCARIS Operations activities 2023 (decision)
    iii. Budget and contributions, proposal for 2023(decision)

    Friday 30 September

    09:00 a.m. Welcome
  12. Future developments in international data exchange
    i. Information on Driving Licences, CBE and Roadworthiness Package
    by Ms Claire Depré,Head of Unit MOVE.DDG2.C.2 – Road Safety, European Commission (attendance digitally)
    ii. Information on End-of-Live Vehicles
    by Mr Jaco Huisman, Policy Officer ENV.B.3 –From Waste to Resources, European Commission (attendance digitally)
    iii. Information on Prüm Next Generation
  13. Connections with non-EU countries
    i. Information on developments in the insurance domain
    by Mr Teodor Stanciu, Legal Coordinator Council of Bureaux
    ii. Information on non-EU developments
    by Mr Eduard Fernández, Executive Director CITA
    iii. Information on developments USA
  14. Any other business
  15. Next meeting